Our buyers

The collective offer currently includes institutional buyers

from  the health and early childhood education sectors as well as buyers 

from community organizations.

Health institutions

Early Childhood Centers (CPE)

Interested in joining?

Are you responsible for a food service and want to source fresh and organic products from local farms?

Calls to Community Organizations

Are you a community organization on the island of Montreal and are interested in our products? 


What they say about the hub

“We feel like we are making a difference, doing something more positive for children and families. The children appreciate it, you can see it in their eyes and the plates that come back empty.“


Assistant Director, Bombardier Aerospace Employees CPE

"With 7,000 meals a day, it's almost impossible for a small farm to produce what we need. With the food hub, we have a great variety of fruits and vegetables.“


Head of supply sector and catering manager, CHUM

“Fruits and vegetables have a phenomenal shelf life compared to what we get from other distributors due to the fact that they are harvested at the last minute before being sent to us.“


Cheffe de service, activités alimentation et nutrition clinique, Institut de cardiologie de Montréal