Our farms

Currently, 4 farms, all located in the West Island of Montreal

 and certified organic, are joining forces to offer fruits and vegetables

to Montreal institutions and community organizations.

Les Jardins Carya has two plots of land; one in Senneville and the other in Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, in addition to a microgreens and fresh herbs greenhouse in Kirkland. Over the past twelve years, the farm has developed expertise in the organic cultivation of young shoots, microgreens and tomatoes, while providing employment opportunities for graduates from the MacDonald campus of McGill University. Their clientele is very diverse, ranging from grocery stores to community organizations, as well as CPEs and food banks.

The D-Trois-Pierres farm is a non-profit social economy and socio-professional integration organization that operates the lands and sector of the Cap-Saint-Jacques ecological farm and the lands of the Bois-de-Bois agricultural park. Its main mission is to offer people who are far from the labor market professional and personal learning paths that serve as a springboard to the job market. Their work includes adult education, organic farming, catering and agrotourism.

Santropol Roulant not only has its own farm, but also its own solidarity meals-on-wheels program in the central neighborhoods of Montreal. Its goal is to create a continuum of inspiring and engaging services on the themes of community engagement, urban and peri-urban food systems, food security and community retention. The organization, which is a food center as well as an intergenerational community, practices agriculture on four sites: the Morgan family farmland in Senneville, the roof of its building in Plateau-Mont-Royal, the Terrasses Roy and the garden of the Cité des Hospitalières.

Cultiver l’Espoir is a social economy program in peri-urban organic agriculture led by the Regroupement Partage and deployed on 25 hectares of land in the Bois-de-la-Roche agricultural park made available to them by the City of Montreal. Its mission is, among other things, to provide organizations working in food security in Montreal with a sustainable supply of fresh, organic and ultra-local vegetables during the off-season in the winter. In close collaboration with its agricultural partner D-Trois-Pierres, in charge of operations, Cultiver l'Espoir produces 5 varieties of long-life vegetables: beets, carrots, cabbage, potatoes and rutabagas.

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Do you have an organic farm located within a radius of 150 km of the pole? You could join the collective offer.

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Call for fruit farms!

Are you a farm that produces fruit less than 150 km from the island of Montreal and you’re interested in collaborating with us? We have high demand!