Our fruits and vegetables

Eat local! What a great way to know where your food comes from!

About fifty varieties
100% organic
Delivered within 24 hours after harvest
May to November

Our offer

Root vegetables

Beets ︳Carrots ︳Ginger ︳Turnips ︳Onions ︳Various potatoes ︳Various radishes

Leafy vegetables

Basil ︳Swiss chard ︳Claytonia ︳Spinach ︳Green kale ︳Various lettuces ︳Brassica mix ︳Mesclun ︳Various microgreens ︳Parsley ︳Arugula


Garlic ︳Eggplant ︳Bok Choy ︳Broccoli ︳Celery ︳Various cabbages ︳Cucumber ︳Squash ︳Green zucchini ︳Fennel ︳Garlic scapes ︳Green and yellow beans ︳Snow peas ︳Various peppers ︳Various tomatoes


Cantaloupes ︳Strawberries ︳Various watermelons ︳Rhubarb

Arrivage is a Quebec digital platform that facilitates short circuits between producers and professionals. The tool is used by the hub to manage orders from institutions and community organizations. New features are added regularly to facilitate relations without intermediaries between producers and buyers.

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